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Download a Historical Fiction Novel for a Fun Journey Back in Time

Would you like to enjoy a fun journey back in time? Then download one of these historical fiction books where you will be entertained until the very last page:

The Storm 

A remarkable debut historical fiction novel by Arif Anwar, The Storm seamlessly interweaves fives stories spanning sixty years of Bangladeshi history. It tells the tale of Shahryar, who must leave the United States when his visa expires. In his final days with his young daughter, he shares the story of a couple on the Bay of Bengal preparing for a historic storm. Shahryar’s incredible story intersects with those of a Japanese pilot, a British doctor, and a couple of Calcutta who moves to East Pakistan.

Wolf Hall 

Set in 1520s England, Wolf Hall is a New York Times bestseller that follows Henry VIII. He desperately wants to annul his twenty-year marriage. If he dies without an heir, a civil war could destroy the country. Opposed by most of Europe, Henry brings in Thomas Cromwell, a charming, ambitious man astute at reading people. Thomas helps him break the opposition. But at what cost?

My Brilliant Friend

Set in 1950s Italy, My Brilliant Friend is a rich, generous-hearted four-volume series that is not soon forgotten. It tells the tale of Lisa and Elena as they become women, wives, mothers, and leaders. Their complex, and at times confrontational friendship, takes them on a journey they never thought possible. The first book begins with their meeting as young girls and follows them through their school-age years. 

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