Top Wineries in Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch offers a multitude of great things to do, including wine tasting. While most people think California or France when it comes to wine, Colorado has become an excellent choice for wineries. Take a look at the top wineries in Highlands Ranch.

Purgatory Cellars Winery Highlands Ranch

Owned and operated by veterans, Purgatory Cellars Winery is a passion project. All grapes are locally sourced from Grand Junction, CO. In addition to keeping every step of the process local, Purgatory Cellars employs a unique process in making their wine. The process originates from Croatia/Georgia and is an ancient method of fermenting grapes. The process dates back to the 6th century and involves a longer maceration period that results in deeper, darker colors. They have a vast menu that promises to have something for every wine lover. Reservations are not required however, they are available if preferred.

Water to Wine

Water to Wine is a local winery with a global expanse. They provide a small town, local feel while encompassing the tastes of grapes from all over the world. Water to Wine boasts over 80 varieties of wine all made there at their facility in Colorado. All of their wines are low in sulfites and easy for most people to enjoy.

Water to Wine also allows customers the opportunity to be the winemaker. Customers may buy a batch of wine (28-30 bottles) and participate in the fermentation and winemaking process from the first step to the last. In addition, Water to Wine will help the customer design and create their own label. After 6-8 weeks the wine will be ready for the customer to pick it up and enjoy. Water to Wine even provides the opportunity for the customer to have a “Bottling Party” where they may invite family and friends to join them in bottling and corking their wine, creating a very unique and special experience for individuals, businesses, or anyone looking to enjoy the full winery experience.

Black Arts Cellars

In contrast to the wineries that boast voluminous menus composed of wines from internationally sourced grapes, Black Arts Cellars take a different route. They choose to focus on one type of wine, the Rhone Style of wine, with grapes that originate in California. This focus on one singular type of wine allows Black Art Cellars to create a product that is unlike any other. While being a much smaller winery, they still manage to provide an experience that is unique in their chosen field. Private tastings are available and may be scheduled anytime. In addition, there are open hours when customers are welcome to drop in and do a tasting without making a reservation. Black Arts Cellars also participates in wine festivals and fairs and allows for tastings at such aforementioned festivals. Black Arts Cellars create a magical experience for every customer they cross paths with. 

In addition to these impressive wineries in Highlands Ranch, our community also places you close to delicious restaurants and other hot spots. Please contact us today for more information.

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