Silver buckets with pencils, markers, paint brushes, and other art supplies

Get Creative with These Local Arts and Crafts Classes

Highlands Ranch is a vibrant community of creative makers and innovative thinkers. Whether you love to scratch your creative itch with painting, quilting, or bead work, you’ll find a studio close to home with everything you need. Arts on Fire Arts on Fire is a lively place where you can try your hand at painting […]

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Three female lions from a pride relaxing together

Spend a Day Seeing the Wild Animal Sanctuary near Highlands Ranch

Just a one-hour drive from Highlands Ranch, you’ll find The Wild Animal Sanctuary. Spanning nearly 10,000 acres, this sanctuary provides a home for large animals rescued from captivity. The Sanctuary is not a zoo, but offers a completely different experience. Prides of African lions roam freely in this serene setting, as well as tigers, wolves, […]

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