front of a historic beige building with a water fountain and foliage | Highlands Ranch mansion and historic park

Visit the Highlands Ranch Mansion and Historic Park

Visit the unique historical site of one of Colorado’s largest cattle ranches, and plan a fun outdoor activity just south of Denver. The Highlands Ranch Mansion was built in the late nineteenth century, and it was once home to some of Colorado’s most prominent families and other colorful characters. The mansion and historic park are open to the public and less than a five-minute drive from our Highlands Ranch apartments in the Denver area.

Tour the Grand Old Mansion

The Highlands Ranch Mansion calendar lists open hours as well as special events. Visitors can take a self-guided tour or schedule a guided tour at no cost during open hours. Learn about the ranch that gave its name to the community of Highlands Ranch, which was once pasture to vast herds of hearty Hereford cattle. The mansion underwent major renovations in 2011 and has become a premier destination for weddings, fundraisers, and business meetings. Some of those who have spent the night in the old mansion even claim to have seen ghosts of its former residents.

Enjoy the Historic Park

The gardens and grounds of this historic ranch are open daily. Walk among this historic ranch’s pastures, corrals, barns, and even an old windmill. The main trail offers panoramic views of the surrounding Highland Ranch community and connects to a robust network of local trails.

Events at the Highland Ranch Mansion

The mansion hosts concerts, parties, themed tours, community events, and even a lecture series. Whether you want to relax or explore the history of the Denver area, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Highland Ranch Mansion.

After you visit the mansion, make sure to check some of the nearby art galleries. Contact us to learn more about The Legacy at Highlands Ranch apartments.

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